We guide businesses & governments into trading opportunities that help their countries to thrive.

Operational Efficiency

We operate worldwide, liaising with institutions and local communities. We are a guaranteed and reliable source of commerce and third party contractors between agencies and ventures.

GTA built a strong ground in networking, assembling sustainable plans that boost any economy. This is a unique quality of GTA. We believe we are the greatest business model of the present century, exposing firms and government divisions to many trading opportunities.


GTA has adopted international industrial standards on quality assurance while marketing supplies to the world. As Well as being a neutral entity in terms of communications and negotiations with the rest of the world, We Set the benchmark at the highest possible standards in order to fulfill and have success in every project we are involved in.

Sustainable Products

We Believe That We Can Harness Science and Technology to Tackle Many Global Challenges.

Raw Material

Our trading activity in mineral commodities contribute to economic growth worldwide.

Smart Products

Cost-efficient, technologically advanced smart products to the world.

Health Products

Global health product supply chains; that Comply with high-quality standards.

Lifestyle Products

Trading in items that have a unique selling proposition and are appealing to markets.