The first corporation of its kind in Türkiye

GTA is the first corporation of its kind in Türkiye in 2023, with a vision and massive potency for reinforcement and technological development to solve the world’s economic, trading and distribution problems.



GTA offers trading solutions through a lead developed commerce link chain; solving  challenges in the customer journey.

Resilience in sourcing

Improving supply chain resilience and sustainability; through networking and data sharing; driving performance improvement.

Empowering developing countries

Triggering economic growth and eradicating poverty through increasing access to economic resources and becoming part of international production networks and supply chains.

Ethical trade networking

Ethics is a catalyst for change in trade; and we are leading the way to economic & efficient trade opportunities between countries. We endorse integrity across all our business activities; building strong partnerships with investors and consumers.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

At a time when the world seeks sustainable and ecological trading solutions we are confident to say that we are at the threshold of this historical timeline of global trade.

We are future focused; a modern service trade group with a global strategy in transnational operations; and a cross-border supply chain; providing countries and businesses:

1. Commercial Activities
Regional and International trading activities.

2. An Economic presence & formation
Defying commercial obstacles and providing economic and social infrastructures.

3. Economic relations within Turkiye
GTA is in the hub of the trade ring area: Turkiye

GTA is laying the foundations of coexistence; creating balanced social economies.

GTA is “The Gateway To An Optimized & Advanced International Trading Ecosystem” and as each day passes, we strive to prove this statement. Impacting societies and communities around the world.

GTA’s core values

1. Providing diversified manufactures to the world.
2. Facilitating buying and selling in wholesale.
3. Improving world economies.
4. Boosting global trade activities.
5. Raising living standards while providing employment 


1. Link with traders from all over the world

We are a reliable source for various business ventures and a source of collaboration between businesses and the markets. We operate worldwide in alliance with our host countries, liaising with manufacturers and local communities.

2. Join GTT’s Online Marketplace

Towards the realization of a platform that connects the world with Turkish supplies. Join the GoTradeTurkiye online Marketplace. An International trading portal, connecting Turkish suppliers with buyers from all over the world.

3. Register your business in Türkiye 

We serve clients from any part of the world looking to expand to the important Turkish market. We work together to help you set up a company in Türkiye. We assist with advisory, registration, local support and vast experience with incorporation of businesses in various industries and sectors.